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Buying and Selling Your Home

Are you buying or selling a home? Read below to see the benefits you can gain


In addition to covering your appliances and systems, a Mike Holmes Protection plan will help lower your home’s repair costs. There will be no need for you to search the internet for contractors or repair technicians, nor will you have to question whether you can trust somebody unfamiliar.

Ease of knowing that we will repair a covered component if the service provider can not repair it.
Vast national network of pre-approved service contractors.


An extended home service contract can be a good marketing tool, giving buyers additional assurance about their purchase. During the process of selling your house, we can also assist you in protecting your appliances and systems. Allowing you to concentrate on your next home rather than your current one.

Homes on the market with a protection plan included sell on average 50% faster than homes without.
Homes with protection plans return a sales price that averages 3% higher.

Our Protection Plans

DIY Essentials
Holmes Plan

Repairs done for yourself by yourself w/the help of our virtual technicians.

Holmes Plan

Provides protection for parts of the major systems that keep your home running.

Holmes Plan

An extended protection plan covering everything in Premium and more!
  • Heating & Cooling
  • Air Conditioning
    Deducted central electric split and package units
    Wall air conditioners
  • Heating Unit
    Forced air (gas, electric, oil)
    Wall moounted heaters
    Floor furnaces
    Package units
    Heat pumps
    Hot water or steam circulating heat
    Electric baseboard
    Room heaters
    Cable heat (if it's the main source of heat to your home or room)
  • DuctWork
    Damper-only controls
    Leaks or breaks in ductwork (sheet metal, duct board, and flex duct including vapor barrier) from heating and/or air conditioning unit(s), including registers or grills
  • Electrical Systems
  • Built-in Exhaust, Vent & Attic Fans
    Built-in exhaust fans
    Built-in vent fans
    Built-in attic fans
  • Main Breaker & Fuse Panel Box
    Direct Current (D.C.) wiring
    Main breaker
    Fuse panel box
  • Doorbells & Chimes
    All parts and components of your doorbell system, unless part of an intercom system.
  • Interior Electrical Lines
    Direct Current (D.C.) wiring
  • Ceiling Fans
    All parts and components
  • Garage Door Openers
    All parts and components
  • Plumbing Systems
  • Interior Plumbing Lines
    Water, drain, gas, waste or vent line leaks and breaks
    Permanently installed sump pumps (ground water only)
    Built-in bathtub whirlpool motor, pump, and air switch assemblies
    Pressure regulators
    Expansion tanks
    Sewage ejector pump (septic system sewage ejector pumps are not covered unless you
    purchase certain optional
  • Toilets
    Toilets and related mechanisms
    Toilet wax ring seals
  • Faucets & Valves
    Shower heads
    Valves for shower, tub and diverter
    Angle stops
    Risers and gate valves (we use similar finishes and styles when we replacement is necessary)
    Hose bibs
    Basket strainers
  • Water Heater
    Components and parts of conventional water heaters (and their tanks)
    Components and parts of tankless water heaters (and their tanks)
    Water heater circulating pumps
    Malfunctions due to normal wear and tear
  • Kitchen Appliances
  • Refrigerator
    All parts and components
    Water leaks
    Ice machine
    Water filter
    Evaporator fan
    Light bulbs
  • Range/Cooktop
    We cover all parts and components of ranges, ovens and cooktops.
  • Oven
    We cover all parts and components of ranges, ovens and cooktops.
  • Dishwasher
    All parts and components
    Sprayer arms
    Inlet valve
    Drain & circulation pumps
  • Built-in-Microwave
    We cover all parts and components of built-in microwave ovens.
  • Garbage Disposals
    All parts and components
  • Laundry Appliances
  • Washer
    All parts and components
    Drain pump
    Tub bearing
  • Dryer
    All parts and components
    Heating element
    Drum roller
  • Mike Holmes Rewards
  • 20% Back
    When your contract expires, you can request 20% of the protection plan cost back if you've never made a service claim requiring repair on any major appliance.
  • Add-ons
  • Limited Roof Leak
    Patch or seal flashing
    Replacing shingles or shakes
    Repair or replacement of tiles
    Repairing nail pops
    Making seam repair on flat or rolled roofs
    Repair of underlayment
    Repair of vinyl membrane
  • 2nd Fridge
    2nd Fridge
  • Ice Maker
    Ice Maker
  • Pool and Spa
    Shared equipment is covered. If equipment is not shared, then only one or the other is covered unless an additional fee is paid.
    Above ground components and parts of the heating, pumping, and filtration system including:
    Pool sweep motor and pump
    Pump Motor
    Blower motor and timer
    Plumbing pipes and wiring
    Plumbing and electrical
  • Additional AC Unit
    Our plans cover guest houses and rental units under 750 square feet. If your guest house is larger than that, you will need to purchase additional home warranty coverage.
  • Septic Pump
    Mainline stoppages that can be cleared through an existing access or clean out without excavation
    The septic tank will be pumped once during the contract coverage term if the stoppage is due to septic backup
    Sewage ejector pump for septic system only
  • Well Pump
    All components and part of well pump utilized as a source of water to the home
    Above or underground piping, cable or electrical lines leading to or from the well pump, including those that are located within the well casing
    Well casings
    Pressure switches not located on the pump
    Holding, storage or pressure tanks
    Booster pumps
    Redrilling of wells
    Well pump and all well pump components for geothermal and/or water source heat pumps.
  • Sump Pump
    Sump Pump
  • Central Vac
    Central Vac
  • Water Softener
    Water Softener
  • Generator
  • Electronics Package Powered
    Covers all electronic items in your home (excluding cell phones)
    $99 deductible per claim for any item - $2,000 per claim limit
    $6,000 per year limit
    Accidental Damage protection (drops, spills, cracked screens, malfunctions from drops/spills)
    Mechanical Breakdown protection*
  • Maintenance Services
  • Discounted HVAC Tune-Up
    Discounted HVAC Tune-Up
  • Discounted Air Filter Delivery
    Discounted Air Filter Delivery
  • Coverage Levels
  • Refrigerant
  • Roof Leak Repair Limit
    Patch or seal flashing
    Replacing shingles or shakes
    Repair or replacement of tiles
    Repairing nail pops
    Making seam repair on flat or rolled roofs
    Repair of underlayment
    Repair of vinyl membrane
  • Systems Limit
    For Heating, Cooling, Plumbing and Electrical Items:
    For each item categorized as systems, (see the full list under "Heating & Cooling" "Electrical Systems" & "Plumbing Systems" above) do not have general dollar limits. For any system service requests, your coverage will not be denied as a result of the total service cost.
    Other limits may apply in the case of geothermal, glycol or steam heat sourced AC or Heat units, and in the case of access through concrete. For details on these and other additional contract terms, please refer to our sample contract.
  • Appliances Limit
    For Kitchen and Laundry Items:
    For each item categorized as an appliance, (see the full list under "Kitchen Appliances" & "Laundry Appliances" above), coverage is limited to $3,000 each. Which means if your oven needs a repair that costs $2,000, you still have the full $3,000 limit if your refrigerator breaks too.
    All service costs up to $3,000 per appliance per malfunction will be covered. If in the course of that repair service the work will cost over $3,000 you will be responsible to pay the remainder.
    Coverage Levels: With the Extended Holmes Plan, members get double the coverage limit of $6,000 per appliance.
    Other contract limits and exclusions may apply. For details on these and other additional contract terms, please refer to the sample contract.
  • Add-on
  • Add-on
  • Add-on
  • Add-on
  • Add-on
  • Add-on
  • Add-on
  • Add-on
  • Add-on
  • Add-on
  • Add-on
  • Add-on
  • N/A
  • N/A
  • Not Covered
  • Add-on
  • Not Covered
  • Not covered
  • Add-on
  • Add-on
  • Add-on
  • Add-on
  • Add-on
  • Add-on
  • Add-on
  • Add-on
  • Add-on
  • Add-on
  • Add-on
  • Add-on
  • $75
  • Starting at $5.25/ea.
  • $10/lb covered
  • Add-on
  • Unlimited
  • $3,000 per appliance
  • Add-on
  • Add-on
  • Add-on
  • Add-on
  • Add-on
  • Add-on
  • Add-on
  • Add-on
  • Add-on
  • Add-on
  • Add-on
  • One included
  • Starting at $5.25/ea.
  • Unlimited
  • $1,500 per year
  • Unlimited
  • $6,000 per appliance
Essentials Holmes PlanPremium Holmes PlanExtended Holmes Plan
Heating & Cooling
Air Conditioning
Heating Units
Electrical Systems
Build-in Exhaust, Vent & Attic Fans
Main Breaker & Fuse Panel Box
Doorbells & Chimes
Interior Electrical Lines
Ceiling Fans
Garage Door Openers
Plumbing Systems
Interior Plumbing Lines
Faucets & Valves
Water Heaters
Kitchen Appliances
Garbage Disposals
Laundry Appliances
Limited Roof LeakAdd-onAdd-on
2nd FridgeAdd-onAdd-onAdd-on
Ice MakerAdd-onAdd-onAdd-on
Pool & SpaAdd-onAdd-onAdd-on
Additional AC UnitAdd-onAdd-onAdd-on
Septic PumpAdd-onAdd-onAdd-on
Well PumpAdd-onAdd-onAdd-on
Maintenance Services
Discounted HVAC Tune-Up$100$100$100
Discounted Air Filter DeliveryStarting at $5.25/eaStarting at $5.25/eaStarting at $5.25/ea
Coverage Levels
Refrigerant$10/lb covered$10/lb coveredUnlimited
Roof Leak Repair LimitAdd-onAdd-on$1,500 per year
Systems LimitUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Appliances LimitNot Covered$3,000 per appliance$6,000 per appliance
Code Violations, Permits & ModsNot CoveredNot CoveredNot Covered