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Testing Fire Extinguishers

Testing Fire Extinguishers

  1. Make sure the pin is intact. The pin is meant to stop you from grabbing the extinguisher and accidentally releasing the agent. Also check the extinguisher for dents, leaks, rust and any other signs that it might need to be replaced.
  2. Check the tamper seal. Its purpose is to verify the extinguisher hasn’t been tampered with. If it’s broken, it could mean that the extinguisher has been used. If the extinguisher has been used or the seal is broken, replace the extinguisher or have it professionally inspected.
  3. Check the pressure. Every fire extinguisher should have a gauge. If the needle on the gauge is the green zone it means that the extinguisher is fully charged. If the needle is below the green zone, it needs to be recharged or replaced. To recharge or replace a fire extinguisher contact the association that appears on the tag.
  4. Tip it upside down. The agent inside the extinguisher can settle at the bottom – it has the consistency of flour and can easily get packed over time. Turn the fire extinguisher upside down a few times to break up the agent inside.